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By Manish Supade

How to Choose the Right iXBRL Partner

Save yourself from the hassles of filing your AFS with the CIPC. Here’s a quick read to help you choose the right partner.

By Anuradha

Dear CFO, how secure is your data?

Unpublished Financial Data has the highest risk of Data Security. We look closer at some measures to curb leakage of classified information.

By Shrinidhi

Which companies are to submit their AFS with the CIPC?

The CIPC iXBRL requires that all qualifying entities file their AFS in iXBRL from July 1st 2018. We take a closer look as to what the filing criteria are and who is to comply with the mandate.


By Shrinidhi

4 Steps to a smooth iXBRL CIPC Filing

The CIPC Mandate commenced on July 1st 2018. Read how to systematically plan for a stress and error free filing.


By Anuradha

4 Steps to a smooth iXBRL ESEF Filing

The ESMA Mandate is just round the corner, it would be best if you start planning for it ahead of time. This quick read will help you get started.

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