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By Anuradha

U. S. SEC Accepts IFRS Taxonomy: 3 Points You Need to Know as a U.S. Foreign Filer

On March 1, 2017 the U.S. SEC accepted the IFRS taxonomy for XBRL filing. All U.S. foreign filers following IFRS and filing 20-F/ 40-F with the SEC in Edgar format will now also need to file in XBRL. Are You Ready?

By CA Pritam

Do Telecom Companies have the Bandwidth for GST?

With the internet of things becoming more common and data charges reducing considerably telecom companies are constantly focused on customer retention by offering free promotional offers and value added services. Will the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax impact this sector and are companies ready for this change?

By CA Pritam

GST Bills tabled in Lok Sabha: 10 Differences between the Bills and the Model Draft GST Law

The Lok Sabha will be discussing four GST bills i.e. CGST, UTGST , IGST and Compensation today. Read key changes between what was proposed as the Model Draft GST Law and the Bills that were tabled.

By CA Pritam

4 Critical Implications of GST on the Banking Sector

The implementation of GST in banking is going to be a challenge due to the vast geographical reach of banks and the hiked GST rates in comparison to current service tax rates. Explore 4 critical implications of GST on banking to define your strategy.

By CA Pritam

From Constitutional Amendment Act to GST Bill: 9 Things You Must Know

Is GST applicable on alcohol for human consumption? Will petroleum and tobacco attract GST? What about imported goods an services? What will be the compenstation to states? Read a 9 Point summary on the fundamental of GST Bill: The Constitutional Amendment Act (CAA).