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By Shilpa

Nota Integrativa XBRL: Are we missing something

Infocamere mandate on XBRL has extended the usage of Tuples in the current taxonomy. Nota Integrativa reporting clubbed with tuple tagging forms the final version of the current taxonomy. Are you prepared?

By Shilpa

Nota Integrativa Reporting: XBRL 2015 Simplified

The latest version of Italian GAAP XBRL Taxonomy is an extension of the previous one with concepts defined for Notes to Accounts and repetitive tabular data. The taxonomy forms the basis for all revised requirements under the Infocamere mandate.

By Shilpa

XBRL 2015: Financial Reports Now Become More Processable

XBRL 2015: Italy has been one of the early adopters of XBRL for Financial Reporting in Europe. By including Nota Integrativa reporting in XBRL, the country is moving up the ladder.

By Shilpa

7 Facts Accountants Need to Know About XBRL

XBRL filing was mandated in Italy for notes to accounts in 2015. 7 Facts You need to know about XBRL before preparing yourself for the filing mandate.

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