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By K Balachandran

Panama Papers Portend Greater Transparency

The Panama Papers expose amounting to the biggest collection of leaked data, spanning millions of documents must have taken a massive amount of time, effort and resources to unearth – a key reason tax havens manage money with near impunity. Structured data can expose tax avoidance and evasion cases well in advance. Read how!

By Revathy

6th XBRL Asia Roundtable Update and the India National XBRL Conference 2016

An event summary of 6th XBRL Asia Roundtable Update & the India National XBRL Conference 2016 held in Mumbai, India to discuss the future of business reporting. Tags: Global, XBRL Implementation, Regulators, Business Registers

By Revathy

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in XBRL

6 Reasons that suggest why XBRL is THE next wave in Electronic Reporting. With XBRL fast becoming a global standard, this is the right time to understand why you should invest in XBRL.

By K Balachandran

Plug-in Those Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet getting updated with real-time data within minutes of results getting filed sounds like every analyst’s dream. Can it really happen?

By Anand

Business Reporting: 360 Degrees

An event summary of #XBRL2015, XII’s annual XBRL event held at Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss Business Reporting amongst XBRL peers.

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