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By Anuradha

Why Inline XBRL Filing has got More Popular in the Past Year

SEC this march proposed the use of inline XBRLformat for SEC submissions which was introduced voluntarily last year.The number of companies that have adopted Inline XBRL has quadrupled in a year. This clearly shows inline XBRL is easing out the lives of the preparers.

By Deepta

From a Tactical CFO to a Strategic Business Leader

How to transform from a Tactical CFO to a Strategic Business Leader? The answer lies in the use of technology. Read here to know how adoption of these technologies can free up slices of time before you know it.

By CA Pritam

10 Facts You Need to Know about Supply in GST

Invoicing in GST will be a function of place of supply. With barely a week to go for the GST being introduced, we have pulled together 10 facts about ‘Supply’ in GST which will decide your invoicing and ultimately taxation.

By CA Pritam

The Great Indian ‘Pricing’ Trick in GST!

The Press Releases introduced by CBEC since May 22nd will influence the product 'pricing' in GST regime. While these appear to be simplified, they are likely to have broader ramifications from a business perspective. Read to find how your product pricing will be impacted due to the same.

By CA Pritam

Three Key Factors to Optimize your Supply Chain in GST Regime

With GST, supply chain for manufacturers will get rationalized to leverage efficiencies of scale and optimize location etc. This will involve major changes around sourcing, warehousing and distribution. Read to know more.