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By Anuradha

South Africa to mandate Inline XBRL from July 1, 2018

South Africa has recently announced that all companies that currently submit their Annual Financial Statements (AFS) need to report their financial information in iXBRL (Inline XBRL).

By Shilpa

Decided to Prepare Your First Inline XBRL Filing: What’s Next?

A guide for those who have decided to prepare their SEC filing in inline XBRL format, this document introduces SEC filers to the SEC's inline XBRL viewer. It also details the need to transform inline xbrl to xbrl and to validate the inline xbrl document. Read to know more.

By Shilpa

Nervous About the SEC's Shift to Inline XBRL Format? These Success Stories Will Inspire Confidence

Are you nervous about the SEC’s shift to inline XBRL format? But inline XBRL is not new and many regulators have adopted iXBRL for its many advantages. Here are some success stories of inline xbrl implementations from around the world.

By Shrinidhi

5 Easy Inline XBRL Tagging Rules to Master Your SEC Filing

Since the SEC's announcement on voluntary filing in iXBRL, more and more companies are looking to adopt iXBRL given its time and cost efficiencies. In response to any questions filers might have, we have come up with a list of 5 easy inline XBRL tagging rules to help you master your inline XBRL SEC filing.

By Anuradha

Inline XBRL to Raise the Ante on Data Quality

The SEC has announced that it will allow companies to voluntarily file structured financial statement data in Inline XBRL (iXBRL). What does this move augur for filing companies and for data quality in general?