IRIS CARBON™ is a cloud-based, collaborative filing platform that helps companies and mutual funds meet their enterprise reporting needs. Built with deep XBRL experience - over 7 years with the US SEC and 10 years globally – IRIS CARBONâ„¢ simplifies your reporting, while ensuring high quality, increased productivity and efficient collaboration across your organization.


IRIS CARBON™, being a cloud based platform, allows documents to be stored at one place. The collaboration features allow users spread across multiple locations to work together on the same document. The current, most updated version of the document is always available to every user. Since all processes are visible on screen, in one place, work is error-free. IRIS CARBON™ provides a clear, current view of the document from start to finish.

IRIS CARBON™ is designed to not only make the first creation and submission of documents easier, but it is loaded with features like Roll Forward which facilitate simpler successive filings.

IRIS CARBON™ comes with the service backing of a company that has perhaps the largest number of XBRL professionals in the world, their work spread across 15 countries, and a record of working with over 12000 complex documents in the US and UK alone.

Carbon can easily be localized to suit the business and linguistic requirements of any market.


COREY RUSIN , Director - Financial Reporting
Teucrium Trading, LLC

"Teucrium has used the IRIS CARBON™ application for six months now and has filed prospectus supplements, Form 8-K and Form 10-Q filings, which included XBRL tagging. Teucrium is pleased with the ease of the application and having the ability to make changes up until the filing date. The roll forward feature and the ability to make last minute edits has allowed our process to be more efficient and allowed us more time to effectively review the documents."

Simple Three Step Process


Upload source documents in multiple formats


Map values to relevant XBRL tags


Generate outputs at the click of a button

About IRIS

A global full service XBRL software, services and solutions provider.

IRIS has over twenty years of proven expertise in the financial information management space. Our products and solutions meet requirements of business and financial users across the entire financial information supply chain. We understand not just XBRL and other structured data standards, but also the many ways it gets implemented in different reporting environments. Regulators, enterprises, banks and consumers of business information across 15 countries, several with complex and challenging requirements, have used our solutions and services to meet their needs around the creation and use of structured data.

With a team of over 500 professionals, including accountants and technologists, and a bouquet of world class products, IRIS works closely with partners in various countries to provide solutions tailored to meet specific business and financial information requirements of clients.



Real Time Collaboration

Allows multiple users to collaborate on a document at the same time.

Audit Check

Allows external auditors access to company reports, to comment and suggest changes, all in one seamless platform.

Smart Editing

Features like Editing, Review and Comment make finalization process with approvals and sign offs easier.

Assisted Services

Leverage the IRIS team of experts to support your filing process.

Single Source. Multiple Outputs.

Create outputs in multiple formats (including XBRL and PDF) from a single source document.

Roll Forward Filing

Prepare the documentation only once and update it easily for the next filing.

Integrated Validations

Validate your documents using the integrated validation engine


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