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IRIS Knowledge Foundation

The CSR initiatives of IRIS Business Services Ltd. leverage the company’s expertise in technology for information management and knowledge services, and offering technology solutions for content management. These initiatives use these expertise to devise technology solutions for structuring and designing databases comprising social and economic data to provide readily usable quality content for different purposes such as programme management, social and economic research, policy enhancement, and for public education.


  • eSocial Sciences

    Promoter of rigorous research in the social sciences and humanities on (and largely in) India and South Asia. The objective, is to be inclusive rather than exclusive in terms of perspectives and topics. Eventually,the peer reviewed eSS the Journal, the core of the eSS portal will feature research papers and other sections.

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  • Global Youth Help Desk

    Global Youth Help Desk is a CSR initiative by IRIS, developed in collaboration with partners to provide up-to-date information on urban youth issues, regionally and globally encouraging youth and development. The site aims to promote best practices, knowledge sharing & action on urban youth issues.

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  • Journal of Health

    Journal Of Health Studies (JHS) is intended to provide a broad based, vibrant space for contemporary and historical inquiry on health themes through the publication of research articles, case studies, research briefs, commentaries and, policy notes and discussions.

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  • The SEC that was only focused on gathering data for so many years is now concentrating on the quality of data that is being collected. A lack of XBRL knowledge on the filers’ part just doesn’t cut it anymore as a reason to submit incorrect information. What can CFOs do to be in command of their XBRL filing?

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