Integrating your Sustainability Practices to 3 Key Business Imperatives: Risk, Profit Maximization & Inclusive Growth

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Integrating your Sustainability Practices -

3 Key Business Imperatives: Risk, Profit Maximization & Inclusive Growth

Empowering leadership for a sustainable future with ESG Reporting.

5th March, 2024 at 11 AM IST

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About The Webinar

In an era where sustainability has become a cornerstone for successful business operations, DAA Consulting and IRIS Business Services Ltd are proud to present a thought-provoking webinar on the imperative of embedding sustainability into the heart of business strategies. As the global focus shifts towards human, social, economic, and environmental sustainability, businesses face the dual challenge of navigating increased costs and seizing new opportunities.

This webinar, the second in a three-part series, delves deep into how integrating sustainability practices can drive risk management, profit maximization, and inclusive growth, setting a new standard for business excellence in the 21st century.

Analysis of Industry Practices in Sustainability Reporting for Financial and Environmental Success6th February 2024 | 11 AM IST

Integrating your Sustainability Practices - 3 Key Business Imperatives, Risk, Profit Maximization & Inclusive Growth5th March 2024 | 11 AM IST

Integrating Sustainability in the Company Work Culture5th April 2024 | 11 AM IST

Why Attend This Webinar?
Hear from a panel of distinguished industry veterans sharing their invaluable experiences and insights.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the 'How' and 'What' in sustainability practices and their impact on financial and environmental success.
Learn how to effectively integrate sustainability into your business imperatives, enhancing your company's performance and resilience.
Connect with key top management decision-makers from various industries, fostering opportunities for collaboration and learning.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is meticulously curated for CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, sustainability officers, and other top management professionals keen on leveraging sustainability for strategic advantage. Industry practitioners, policy makers, and academic scholars looking for cutting-edge insights into sustainability practices will also find this webinar invaluable.

Speakers For The Day

Our panel comprises distinguished industry veterans with decades of
Experience in sustainability, finance, and regulatory compliance.

Capt. Tapas Majumdar Independent Director and Sustainability Expert

Captain Tapas, a seasoned sustainability expert and Independent Director, brings 25 years of leadership from industry and the military to corporate boards. Certified by the Academy of Sustainability USA and registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, he specializes in linking sustainability with financial and environmental outcomes and Sustainability Governance. Additionally, he holds a Master’s in HR from NMIMS and a 6 Sigma Green Belt, his experience spans training corporate boards, sustainability reporting, and supply chain professionals. An advocate for continuous learning, he teaches at NMIMS and is pursuing a PG Diploma in Environmental Law, underscoring his commitment to sustainable corporate governance.

Anushree Joshi Aparajit IRIS ESG Expert Global Head, Customer Success at IRIS Business

A Chartered Accountant with 12-year experience in XBRL domain serves as a Subject Matter Expert and Global head of Customer Success, with active participation in the XBRL working groups of Best Practices and ESG, her collaborative efforts extend to include Fortune 500 firms in the UK, European region, US and leading Indian XBRL reporters in India. She has represented IRIS at XBRL Europe Conference by presenting the digital perspective of ESG reporting and Peer to peer benchmarking.

Kedar Gore Partner at Rosefield Energy Tech

Mr. Kedar Gore is a seasoned Engineer and MBA with over 20 years of expertise in Business Development, Sales Operations, and Digital Transformation across diverse sectors including Lubricants, Material Handling Equipment, SaaS, e-learning, and e-commerce. His journey spans roles in Corporate, Start-up, and MSME settings, with notable contributions at Rosefield Energy Tech, Grindwell Norton, Castrol, PETRONAS, and more. Kedar excels in Sales Transformation Strategy, pioneering in Route-to-Market, Sales Automation, and Business Intelligence Tools. Starting as a frontline salesman, he’s ascended to leadership, driving growth through Key Account Management and Sales Excellence.

Chandramauli Balan Senior Advisor

Chandramauli Balan is a qualified CMA and holds a degree in MBA Finance, Certificate in Programming and Data Management from IIT Madras and Certificate in Strategic Management, Advanced Corporate Strategy and Marketing Management from IIM Bangalore.

With a career spanning over a period of 25 years, in large MNCs and Indian companies, he worked as President and CEO in Birla Sakti Cements and as Vice President and Managing Director at Emerson Electric, a US fortune 500 MNC for over 18 years. His key areas of expertise include:

  • P&L management, strategic planning, budgeting, market plan execution, operational excellence, capital asset management, cost containment, customer relationship, training, supervision and monitoring, strong customer focus and dealer network management.
  • Highly skilled in contract negotiation, legal compliance, staffing, purchasing and vendor relations and management regulations. Proven track record of increasing revenues, streamlining workflow and creating a team environment to increase productivity.


Welcome & Introduction
Keynote Presentation: Integrating your Sustainability Practices - 3 Key Business Imperatives: Risk, Profit Maximization & Inclusive Growth
Panel Discussion: Integrating Sustainability Practices to Business Imperatives
Q&A Session: Engage with our experts
Closing Remarks & Networking Opportunities

About This Series

With the increasing scrutiny from capital providers, regulatory bodies, and the wider public, companies with strong sustainability practices are not just preferred but expected. Larry Fink’s emphasis on ESG as a key part of evaluations highlights a shift from awareness to performance-based sustainability. This webinar series aims to equip business leaders with the knowledge and tools to navigate this complex landscape, ensuring that their sustainability agenda is not just a compliance requirement but a core component of their strategic vision for growth and resilience.

Join Us

Be part of this enlightening journey to redefine the role of sustainability in shaping the future
of business. Secure your spot in this essential webinar series and start transforming your
sustainability practices into powerful levers for risk management, profit maximization, and
inclusive growth.


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