Discover IRIS Business's financial performance with our Quarterly Results, Press Releases, Annual Reports, and Annual Returns, along with other financial information, on our dedicated Financials page for investors. Our commitment to transparency and accountability is reflected in our comprehensive financial reporting and disclosure practices.

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Access our latest financial statements, and other financial disclosures to stay informed on our revenue, earnings, and key metrics.

Quarterly Results

Access IRIS Business's latest financial results, key highlights, and performance analysis through our dedicated Quarterly Reports section for investors.

Press Releases

Explore our press releases section for the most recent updates and insights on our company's progress and achievements.

Annual Reports

Explore our company's performance and achievements over the past year in our annual reports section.

Annual Returns

Access IRIS Business's annual returns and stay updated on our financial health and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Subsidiary Financials

Explore the financial performance of IRIS Business Services' subsidiaries and gain insight into our diverse business portfolio.

Earnings Call

Stay up-to-date on our latest earnings, strategy, and outlook through our informative earnings calls section.

Quarterly Investors Presentation

Our investor presentations section offers a dynamic and engaging way to learn more about our company, strategy, and performance.

General Meeting Presentation

Explore our General Meeting Presentations, which provide an overview of our business operations, financial performance, and strategic initiatives, on our dedicated section for investors.

Related Party Transaction(s)

Access comprehensive details on our transactions with promoters and key management personnel, including disclosures and historical archives, on our dedicated Related Party Transactions section on the Investors page.

Newspaper - Financials Results

Stay informed on IRIS Business's financial performance by browsing through our coverage in leading newspapers and publications.

IRIS Business Services (Asia) Pte. Ltd., Singapore

IRIS Business Services, LLC, USA

Atanou S.r.l. (Italy)

IRIS Logix Solutions Private Limited, India

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