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Providing end-to-end compliance solutions to organizations, helping them to comply with various regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of non-compliance.
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IRIS Business Services’ comprehensive suite of enterprise compliance solutions includes XBRL/iXBRL reporting, disclosure management, digital ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting, and tax technology solutions. The XBRL/iXBRL reporting solution simplifies and automates the process of submitting financial statements to regulators, while the disclosure management solution streamlines the creation, review, and approval of financial reports.


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Our XBRL/iXBRL reporting solution simplifies and standardizes the process of collecting and analyzing financial data from companies, enabling regulators to monitor and analyze company performance efficiently.

Our digital ESG reporting solution enables regulators to collect and analyze non-financial data and sustainability-related metrics, helping them to measure and monitor the environmental and social impact of companies.

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Financial Data Analytics

We offer a comprehensive suite of tools to support financial data analytics, including IRIS iConnect, an XBRL analytics tool.

  • IRIS iConnect: A cutting-edge analytics tool that enables financial professionals to extract valuable insights from financial data reported in XBRL format.
  • IRIS Credixo: A revolutionary product for banks and fintech to make credit analysis models on the basis of public and consented financial data of companies.
  • IRIS Peridot: A state-of-the-art app for Indian taxpayers to track their own compliance and monitor the compliance of their vendors.
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