The Critical Role of IRIS Technology Solutions in Revolutionizing Central Banks

Central banks have an essential responsibility to uphold economic stability in the constantly adapting sphere of finance, under increased pressure to manage huge financial data in an accurate and efficient manner. One of the most essential partners for central banks throughout the world is IRIS, a major participant in the financial technology services industry. Thanks to cutting-edge tech, providing individualized technology solutions that are critical for efficiently handling financial data to improve economic supervision and operational efficiency.

In this blog, we explore how IRIS’s technology offerings have shaken up the inner workings of central banking operations. We will be proving the efficacy of these solutions in guaranteeing the accuracy of financial data, ensuring compliance with rules by central banks, and optimizing operational efficiency.

The Partnership between IRIS and the RBI

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) supervises a staggering number of financial institutions, including about 100 commercial banks, 9,500 non-banking financial companies, and 1,500 urban cooperative banks. This immense responsibility demands precise and up-to-date financial data to guide policy decisions effectively.

Challenges Faced

Handling inconsistent data from multiple sources was a significant challenge for the RBI. Disparities in reporting could skew the central bank’s understanding of a borrower’s credit history, leading to potential misjudgments in policy implementation.

IRIS’s Solution

To address these issues, IRIS implemented a central repository for large credit accounts (50 million rupees and above) that required fortnightly reporting. This system standardized data collection across different entities using a common dictionary for borrower identities and loan structures. This initiative was instrumental in reducing the incidence of non-performing assets (NPAs), with NPAs in 2023 reaching a 10-year low.

From XBRL Consultant to Strategic Partner

IRIS’s journey with the RBI began in 2007, initially as an XBRL consultant. By assisting the RBI in aligning with global XBRL reporting standards and developing a robust XBRL platform, IRIS helped streamline the data collection from various regulated entities. This advancement not only enhanced the RBI’s operational efficiency but also bolstered its ability to monitor and manage economic risks in real-time.

By 2008, IRIS was tasked with developing the RBI’s XBRL reporting system. This system now efficiently manages approximately 130 different reports of varying frequencies from regulated entities. The XBRL platform supports a data dissemination mechanism that allows regulated entities to access and evaluate the creditworthiness of large borrowers, enhancing transparency and decision-making accuracy.

IRIS’s success with the RBI opened doors to opportunities with other central banks, including those in Nepal, Jordan, Bhutan, Mauritius, and South Africa. Each partnership focused on tailoring solutions that address unique challenges, such as improving data quality, enhancing risk management, and facilitating informed decision-making through advanced analytics platforms.

Expanding Global Footprint

IRIS’s success with the RBI paved the way for partnerships with other central banks, including those in Nepal, Jordan, Bhutan, Mauritius, and South Africa. Each collaboration was tailored to the specific needs of the region, focusing on improving data quality, risk management, and regulatory compliance through technology.

Middle East Central Bank Collaboration

In 2019, IRIS undertook a significant project with a Middle Eastern central bank to develop a suptech solution that streamlined data collection and analysis. This initiative not only reduced the reporting burden on financial entities but also empowered the central bank with deeper insights into the financial sector, thus enhancing their decision-making process.

  • Middle East Central Bank: IRIS developed a data portal in 2019 that became a cornerstone for the central bank’s suptech solutions. This portal standardized data collection across various departments and facilitated advanced analysis and monitoring.
  • Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan: Starting in 2023, IRIS helped Bhutan transition from paper-based supervision to a digital supervisory platform integrated with risk analytics. This project is set to revolutionize how the Bhutanese central bank conducts onsite inspections and risk assessments.

As IRIS continues to expand its technological footprint, it remains dedicated to adapting its solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clients. Ongoing projects in risk analytics and transaction monitoring at points of sale are examples of how IRIS is moving forward with its innovative approaches.

About IRIS Business Services Ltd

IRIS Business Services Ltd (NSE, BSE: IRIS) is a leading regulatory compliance solutions provider with a global footprint in over 44 countries. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, with subsidiaries in the United States, Singapore, and Italy, IRIS has been the most trusted name in structured financial data collection, creation, processing, and consumption since 2005. Our vision of ‘Value Beyond Compliance’ has helped us become the trusted partner of over 1.5 million entities worldwide, including securities commissions, central banks, business registries, stock exchanges, public companies, private companies, banks, and mutual funds. Our team has been awarded several accolades across the last two decades, including the 2020-21 Financial Express (India) Best Bank Awards in the Fintech category.

Some of IRIS’s solutions include

  • IRIS CARBON® – The flagship SaaS platform used by enterprises to file structured data with global regulators
  • IRIS iFile® – The preferred tool of over 30 regulators to collect XBRL reports from the entities they oversee
  • IRIS iConnect® – An XBRL analytics tool that helps business leaders to leverage structured data for better insights and decision-making.
  • IRIS iDEAL® – Extensively used by financial institutions and fund houses for prudential and resolution reporting
  • IRIS GST – Indian firms’ favored solution for Goods and Services Tax compliance

Comparison with Competing Technologies

When comparing IRIS’s solutions to those offered by other players in the fintech market, it’s essential to highlight the tailored approach IRIS takes in understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by each central bank. For instance, competitors such as SAP and Oracle also offer robust data management and analytics platforms, but IRIS distinguishes itself through its deep specialization in financial regulatory compliance and its ability to implement XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) standards effectively. IRIS’s systems are noted for their seamless integration capabilities with existing IT infrastructure, which may not be as pronounced with other providers whose solutions might require more substantial changes to legacy systems. This adaptability ensures minimal disruption and maximizes the efficiency of financial reporting and compliance processes.

Future Trends in Financial Technology

The landscape of financial technology is evolving, with trends poised to reshape how central banks operate. These include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI and ML are becoming integral in analyzing vast amounts of data for predictive analytics, risk assessment, and decision-making. IRIS is at the forefront, incorporating AI to enhance data accuracy and provide predictive insights that help central banks foresee and mitigate financial risks before they escalate.
  • Blockchain Technology: As the backbone of cryptocurrencies, blockchain offers unmatched security and transparency for transaction records. IRIS is exploring blockchain integration to ensure that data across financial institutions is immutable and traceable, which is crucial for audit trials and fraud prevention.
  • RegTech: Regulatory technology, or RegTech, continues to grow, focusing on automating compliance with increasingly complex regulations. IRIS’s commitment to RegTech is evident in its development of platforms that not only ensure compliance but also streamline the reporting process, reducing the burden on financial institutions.

Regulatory Considerations

Central banks must adapt to these changes swiftly and efficiently. IRIS’s technology platforms are designed to be flexible, allowing for quick adjustments to meet new regulatory requirements. For example, with the implementation of GDPR in Europe and similar privacy regulations worldwide, IRIS has enhanced its platforms to handle personal data with greater security and compliance.

Additionally, as financial markets become more integrated globally, IRIS’s solutions help central banks comply with international financial reporting standards, which is vital for maintaining global economic stability and transparency. The ability to adapt to such regulatory changes not only ensures compliance but also positions a central bank as a proactive rather than reactive institution in the face of global financial shifts.


New benchmarks in regulatory compliance and financial data management have been established by IRIS’s technological solutions, which have also enhanced the operational capacities of central banks. Organizations need to keep up with legal advancements if they want to be competitive in a market where digital assets are becoming more important, and regulations are continually changing.

Collaborations with technology providers like IRIS are turning out to be crucial as central banks move through diverse economic terrain. These collaborations not only ensure compliance with existing regulations but also pave the way for innovation and efficiency in a rapidly changing environment.

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